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Beauty and Comfort of Stone Washed Bed Linen
February 13, 2014 0
Stone washed bed linen is quite an often term to be found when browsing the net (or high-street shops, for that matter) for quality linen bedlinen. Stonewashing sounds intriguing and raises many questions, so let’s find our what this technology is about.

Stonewashed bed linen is a result of a textile manufacturing process that includes actual pumice, volcanic rock or synthetic man-made stones, or chemicals - usually chlorine - to produce a slightly worn-out appearance to newly manufactured fabric. The process was invented by jeans producers and mostly used on denim garments, but recently home textiles producers, especially those using pure linen fabrics, increasingly appreciate it. (more…)
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Sweet dreams with linen bedding
June 7, 2013 0
What type of beddings would you use, if you can choose any of them? The variety of beddings is very huge, in every shop you can find different colors, materials, sizes. There are many beautiful designs that would make you bedroom stylish and luxurious. But is style the most important thing? We don’t think so. The most important thing is a comfort and then style of course. But what if we could combine both? Sounds great and it’s possible! The solution is quality bed linen. line bedding Many years ago there were one material, which has been used for making clothes, tablecloths, curtains and beddings. Our grandmothers were used to wear linen dresses and skirts. They used to make all the stuff they need by their own hands. Such handmade stuff, like wedding dresses, casual dresses, beddings and other linen products were giving to their daughters as presents from generation to generation. (more…)
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Refreshing bedroom design with lovely bed linen
May 31, 2013 0
Probably the best way to refresh your bedroom design is to get a new bed linen. Today’s home textile shops offer a huge number of various bed linen. It can be in different colours, materials and sizes. The colour and material of the bed linen can affect the whole bedroom design. You will feel more pleasant and joyful in well-coordinated space. There are a large range of cotton bed linen – from cool and calming to bold and bright. Interior designers suggest a variety that suits everyone’s taste. So, before going down to the dreams kingdom, check out our suggestions for bedding design. bedroom design Liked to write poems in school? Stripe bedding sets are just for you. This latest fashion can look very modern and stylish. The pattern is bold and contemporary to suit a range of bedroom styles. The only suggestion would be to choose it in two colours, because more colours can raise a rainbow effect. It’s suitable only for children bedroom. (more…)
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Advantages of Linen Fabric and Linen Bed Linen
April 18, 2013 0

Most home textile items, made of any fabric, in British household – are referred to as "linens", but the true and natural linen is fabric woven from the flax plant. The most appreciated feature of linen fabric is that it remains cool and fresh even in hot and humid environments. Any linen bed linen will be a heaven to sleep even in the hottest weather.

Pure linen used to produce linen bed linen does not provoke allergies or skin irritations on the contrary to many synthetic fabrics. Together its naturally cooling nature, linen fabric makes the ideal material for home textile suitable for sensitive skins. (more…)

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How Often Do We Change our Bed Sheets?
February 28, 2013 0

Comfortable and comforting fresh, clean bed sheets are what welcome as after a long day and provide us with sweet relaxation and rest. Linen bed linen are even more so! Although there are no strict rules of how often do we change our bed linen to keep it refreshing, main principles apply. To keep a safe and pleasant place to sleep without breaking either your back, or the bank, read this article.

If your cotton or linen bed linen is used “normally” - i.e. to sleep at night, bed sheets have to be changed at least once a week.
If you prefer to change sheets more often, have three sets of bed linen, so that you will always have one in the laundry, one in the linen closet and one on the bed.


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A Home Made Bed Linen Spray
February 14, 2013 0
Have you ever used a bed linen spray on your cotton or linen bed linen? If not, try one. A spray is used to add a nice aroma to bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers which results in more luxurious experience. The thoughtful combination of scents can even soothe you and help to sleep better. A beautifully made-up bed for guests with quality linen bedding is improved by a nice scent. Bed linen sprays are available ready made, but it takes only few minutes to make your own, equally effective version or even better one. Here are the steps to take: (more…)
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Restoring and Restyling Your Bedding
February 8, 2013 0
Once in a while everyone experiences the need to change something in their bedroom and the easiest thing to change is our bedding or bed linen. Bedding is among the main things that defines what our bedroom space looks and feels like. So what happens when we become tired of it or it becomes raggedy? Restoring and restyling the bedding is a wise idea because it saves money and invites your creative energy to work. You are able then hang on to the comfort or the style of the bedding you liked up to know while creating a whole new looks for the bedroom.

The process of restoring and restyling could be similar to this: (more…)
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Using A Duvet and Duvet Covers
February 2, 2013 0

Duvets are similar to standard comforters, and they can be made of a variety of fillings, e.g. down, cotton and synthetic fibers. They are more popular in colder regions, as they are heavier and provide more warmth than standart comforters and blankets. Duvet covers are giant “pillowcases” for the comforter and makes a part of your bed linen. There can be linen duvet covers, cotton duvet covers etc. The duvet is placed inside it to be kept clean. Duvet covers are changed and laundered each time one changes the rest of the bed linen.

linen duvet covers

Find below some tips on using duvet and duvet covers. (more…)

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Bed Linen: Types of Bed Sheets
January 16, 2013 0
Although bed linen pieces do not appear in our shopping lists often, it is important to have a least some knowledge of the different bed sheet varieties as this will help you select a bed linen set that meets your personal needs, habits and preferences.

Types of bed linen

Cotton Bed Linen The usual choice of many is cotton bed linen. There are several types of cotton fabric. The two softest used to make bed linen sets are Egyptian and Supima. Blends with synthetic materials to make a polyester cotton blend are popular, but this type of sheets tend to be less comfortable as poly-cotton fabric tends to be less moisture-absorbent, it pills easier and is less breathable. (more…)
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Comparing Bed Linens Before Purchase
January 9, 2013 0
Finding your own favorite type of bed linen brings such a difference to your sleep. Both aesthetical and physical. You can choose bed linens based on the style of your bedroom, the color and appearance of the sheets and personal comfort preferences, among others. Knowing what to have in mind when it comes to comparing bed linens will certainly help you select the right sets. (more…)