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Is More Always Better? Counting Pillows on Your Bed
February 16, 2015 0
Everybody loves those cozy-looking pastel-colored bedrooms with tons of pillows that we see in movies. And, surely, everyone would like to have one at home. If you want to make your bedroom look like the ones from movies, remember that you will have to put a little effort in decorating. A well-styled bed could be a major adornment to your bedroom. And what says “perfect bed” better than a bunch of different-sized pillows with linen pillow cases arranged in a stylish way? Firstly, in order to place your pillows in a stylish manner you must solve the dilemma of the number of pillows. How many pillows should you have on your bed? Let us start from the beginning – pillow sizes and names.   (more…)
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How to Choose The Best Linen for Your Bed
February 9, 2015 0
The first thing that comes into your head when you think about the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in is probably the bed set. Choosing the best bed sheets is a tough business. Basically, there are three main steps in choosing your bed linen. (more…)
Bedding linen design, Decorative cushion covers
A Girls Guide to Bedding
November 18, 2014 0
Let’s get personal- do you still have your childhood blanket tucked away in your bed? Or are you still trying to get away with having a Disney princess pillowcase? If you spend more time snuggling up with Fido watching Netflix rather than going out, it’s time to make sure your bed is inviting, cozy and appropriately outfitted. Our premium linen bedding made in Lithuania, boasts numerous options for every girl- whether she is looking for something chic, bold or colorful. Create the ultimate sanctuary with these easy tips:
  • Lighten the mood: If you’re still getting by in a little apartment, opt for a light option to make your space look bigger.  Try our silver or off white stone washed duvet cover.

 Guide to bedding

Linen Throws
Curl up Next to The Fire in Style
November 4, 2014 0
From family s’more time to significant other wine time, there is nothing better than curling up next to the fire and taking the time to bond. Pair your best lounge wear with one of LinenMe’s cozy throws for a nice evening in. (more…)
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Better Sleep is Just a Sheet Set Away
October 29, 2014 0
Starting the New Year off on the right side of the bed can make you feel like a whole new person. In order to do so, make sure you aren’t sabotaging your sleep. Gift yourself a little 2015 treat by investing in a luxurious set of linen sheets. (more…)
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A Man’s Guide to Bedding
October 25, 2014 0
If you spend a third of your lifetime sleeping, wouldn’t you want to have the most comfortable and welcoming bed to come home to? Or what about when your parents finally come to visit, don’t you want to impress them? Men, whether it’s your parents, a new girlfriend or friends you haven’t seen in a while, make sure your bed is clean, inviting and appropriately outfitted. LinenMe, highest quality linen bedding made in Lithuania, has several male-friendly patterns that will wow guests. Here are a few tips to get your room ready:
Bed Linen for Hotels
Pure Linen Bed Linen for Hotels
September 14, 2014 0
You still won't see too many hotels offering pure 100% linen bed linen for their quests. Most of hotel owners would be afraid that linen fabric wrinkles and most of the quests won't like it. That's not true as wrinkles of natural line fabric creates a charm that can't be matched by any other fabric. Even without ironing it would look great on beds and creates special experience and atmosphere in the room.

Bed Linen Care
How to Care for Stone-washed Bedlinen
March 18, 2014 0

The natural beauty of linen is easily maintained with only a minimum amount of proper care. Let’s talk about stone washed bed linen care today. 


As you probably already know if you follow this blog, stonewashing is a term used to indicate had been laundered. The terms garment washed or prewashed are also used. Stonewashed bed linen features the colors that won’t bleed or fade and a very soft and slightly crumpled fabric. (more…)

Bed Linen Production
The Process of Stone Washed Bed Linen Production
February 27, 2014 0
Pre washed bed linen is getting more and more poplar among linen bed linen buyers these days. So let’s find out more about the washing techniques. Today let’s look closer at the stone washing process. As it was mentioned before stone washing is a washing process that includes large stones, most often pumice rock. This way thick natural fabrics like linen or denim – and products made of them line jeans and stone washed bed linen - acquire this broken-in texture, slightly worn out look to them and a slight of fade of the color. This way garments or linen bed linen become softer and nicer to the skin, acquire this shabby chic style and comfortable feel that are so appreciated by modern educated shoppers.


Bed linen fabrics, Bed Linen Production
What are Pre-Washed, Garment Washed and Stone Washed Bed Linen?
February 20, 2014 0

Choosing bed linen could be a tricky task for those not acquainted with specific textile terms. Apart from material, sizes and item care info, one can often find terms “stone washed bed linen”, “garment washed bed linen”, “pre-washed bed linen”, “pre-shrunk bed linen” on the label or product description page.


Let’s to go through all of these terms and learn what they mean in order the decision of what type of bed linen one need would take no time and effort at all. (more…)