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Everything You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Bedding
February 27, 2016 at 11:00 pm 0
Linen, woven from fibres of the flax plant, is sometimes treated with sizing, a finish that makes it crisp. It wrinkles very easily and requires ironing if you want it to look smooth. But it doesn’t always need to look smooth since the wrinkles on linen can add a certain antique feeling. 00352 (more…)
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Bed Linen Care: Keeping Your Bed Linens Fresh and Odourless
April 15, 2015 at 12:13 pm 0
Who doesn't love freshly laundered sheets? They might even help you sleep better. We spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, so why not make the space we do it in as clean and comfortable as possible? With just a few simple steps – maintenance and proper cleaning – your bed can stay fresh for a long time. Below you will find a guide to keeping your bed linens clean and smelling fresh while they are safely resting in your closet. (more…)
Bed Linen Care
How to Care for Stone-washed Bedlinen
March 18, 2014 at 1:22 pm 0

The natural beauty of linen is easily maintained with only a minimum amount of proper care. Let’s talk about stone washed bed linen care today. 


As you probably already know if you follow this blog, stonewashing is a term used to indicate had been laundered. The terms garment washed or prewashed are also used. Stonewashed bed linen features the colors that won’t bleed or fade and a very soft and slightly crumpled fabric. (more…)

Bed Linen Care
How Often Do We Change our Bed Sheets?
February 28, 2013 at 11:24 am 0

Comfortable and comforting fresh, clean bed sheets are what welcome as after a long day and provide us with sweet relaxation and rest. Linen bed linen are even more so! Although there are no strict rules of how often do we change our bed linen to keep it refreshing, main principles apply. To keep a safe and pleasant place to sleep without breaking either your back, or the bank, read this article.

If your cotton or linen bed linen is used “normally” - i.e. to sleep at night, bed sheets have to be changed at least once a week.
If you prefer to change sheets more often, have three sets of bed linen, so that you will always have one in the laundry, one in the linen closet and one on the bed.


Bed Linen Care
A Home Made Bed Linen Spray
February 14, 2013 at 3:00 pm 0
Have you ever used a bed linen spray on your cotton or linen bed linen? If not, try one. A spray is used to add a nice aroma to bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers which results in more luxurious experience. The thoughtful combination of scents can even soothe you and help to sleep better. A beautifully made-up bed for guests with quality linen bedding is improved by a nice scent. Bed linen sprays are available ready made, but it takes only few minutes to make your own, equally effective version or even better one. Here are the steps to take: (more…)
Bed Linen Care
5 Steps of Your Linen Bed Linen Proper Care
October 17, 2012 at 11:00 am 0

It is widely accepted that good quality linen bed linen improves the quality of sleep that we get. Unfortunately, we often do not know how to properly care of our luxurious linen bedding in which we have invested. And this results in unwillingly shortening the life and quality of our precious bed linen. Here are 5 simple steps to follow when taking care for your linen bed linen.


1. Read the care labels! It sounds obvious, but it’s surprising how little of us actually do this when purchasing linen bed linen or / and laundering it for the first time! Care labels are meant to provide all the specific information you need to launder your linen bedding properly. The instructions are based on the fabric and weaving type, thread count, dye type and other features. Take few seconds to familiarize with manufacturer’s advices and guidelines. (more…)

Bed Linen Care
Taking Care for Your Bed Linen
July 13, 2012 at 2:16 pm 0
Lots of us adore our time in bed. Apart from sleeping, most of us like just laying in bed - i.e. this feeling of relaxation, comfort, and safety. Beds, duvets, pillows and other bed linen items are specifically created for maximum comfort and rest, so it's only natural to want to spend a lot of time in them. Lots of time spent in bed means heavy usage of our bed linen. Natural dirt and oils accumulate on our bedding, and the longer our pillow cases, duvet covers and sheets are left unattended, the harder it will be to get them back to their original, clean and comfy condition. To make sure our bed linens stay beautiful and in soft and spotless condition, it is vital to know the proper ways take care of them. (more…)