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IMG_9400Hello! My name is Inga and I am the owner of this blog. I live in the middle of Europe – beautiful Lithuania.

The reason I started this blog is simple – I am into home textile from head to toes. I grew up with linen fabrics and designs as my family runs a small linen textile business. Love for natural fabrics is in my blood. Creating designs, playing with fabrics, drawing new patterns were my hobbies from the early years. Therefore after graduating from University with my Business Management bachelor degree I later spent some years in London to graduate from London KLC School of design.

Fabrics, especially natural ones, are very interesting object of research for me. There so many of them with different qualities, origins, ways to be used for.

During my years in parents’ company and while working on my own I was constantly surprised by the wide array of possibilities to make bed linen gorgeous, comfortable and stylish. There are so many amazing fabrics to play with when putting together a new design, so many different qualities and prices to choose from. And bed linen is such an intimate product, very challenging and rewarding to work with!

Being crazy for new designs and creative approach to home textile and also in love with beautiful bedding linen, I started this blog – to share my findings, ideas and news of the textile industry.

Thank you very much for reading me!

Sincerely yours,


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