Top 3 Interior Design Tendencies for 2016

March 17, 2016 0

With spring approaching faster and faster every day there is no wonder many of us start thinking about cleaning and redecorating our homes. Spring is the perfect time for making your apartment look newly refurbished and good enough even for an interior design magazine. Today we present you the top 3 interior design tendencies for 2016.


  • Black, white & grey

This season the minimalist style is popular in all aspects of our lives – from the clothes and shoes we wear to the interior of our homes. With minimal style come minimal colours that are the most popular this season – the classic combination of black and white with a hint of grey to brighten everything up. Choosing white bedding with a black or grey throw to cover your bed will make your bedroom look stylish and unique. Adding a few bright colours to the dark colour pallet will brighten everything up.


  • Throws & pillows

The more pillows the better – that is the motto for spring 2016. As we all know, throws and pillows make everything seem cosier and if that’s what you’re seeking than add a cosy natural fabric throw such as linen or wool to your sofa. Adding several pillows to your living room will make it look more inviting and warm.


  • Wood floors & knitted carpets

The top interior design tendency for this spring is wooden floors. Matching the minimalistic design perfectly wooden floors are a thing that you will simply love. Very convenient for cleaning and comfortable to walk on wooden floors look amazing. Adding a rough knitted wool carpet to your wooden floor will make your apartment look cosy and spacious.

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