Choosing Bed Linen that Matches Your Personality

June 4, 2015 1

Each of us is different and there is no way that we can change that. So is our opinion about different things, such as style, home décor, and even those little things like bed linen. That is why every person should appreciate his own attitude towards these things and live according to them. Matching your personality to those little things that surround you, such as bed sheets or bed linen, is quite a difficult task.

We have prepared a tutorial that will help you select bed linen and match your surroundings to your personality, and will make you feel more comfortable and cosy at your home.
First thing that you need to do is find out your personality type. There are sixteen types of personality, and you can find out yours at www.16personalities.com . Those sixteen personality types are divided into four categories:
• Analysts (architect, logician, commander and debater);
• Diplomats (advocate, mediator, protagonist and campaigner);
• Sentinels (logistician, defender, executive and consul);
• Explorers (virtuoso, adventurer, entrepreneur and entertainer).
If the test has shown that your personality type belongs to the analyst category, you should choose minimalistic designs for your home as well as for your bed linens. Black, white, purple and brown colour tones are the ones that will suit you the best and will make you sleep like a baby. Choose coloured bed linens to make you feel more energetic and virile.
If your personality type belongs to the diplomat section, natural colours and their variations should make you feel the most comfortable. Green, yellow, and all the other colours of nature will make your home and more appealing to you and will bring out your kind and charismatic features. Natural fabrics are more preferred than synthetic ones by diplomats.
For those whose personality belongs to the category of sentinels, we suggest choosing light colours and all tones of blue, especially sky blue. Sentinels are very reliable and dedicated not only in their work, but also in their personal life. That means that if they find bed linens that suits them well, they will not change them into any others and will buy only that kind of bed linen for years.
As the name of the category suggest, explorers are very versatile people. They are energetic and very spontaneous, so they can simply buy an eye-catching bed sheet set while shopping at a mall and it will be their favourite. Well, at least until the next time they see some other interesting bed linen set while shopping. People with these types of personality can easily match bed linens of any colour to their personality, since their attitude towards one or another colour can change each day.

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