How to Choose the Proper Egyptian Cotton and Linen Bedding for Your Bed

April 27, 2015 0

Probably all of you have wondered how to make you bed feel and look as luxurious as it does in the fashion magazines. Well, we have prepared some tips and tricks that will help you fulfil your dreams.

Be careful when choosing the material of your bedding. Egyptian cotton is the gold standard, so look for that terms on the packaging and check to be sure that the fabric is 100 percent that material. Some growers use the term “Egyptian cotton” loosely, however — true Egyptian cotton is grown and processed according to specific stipulations. Be sure you’re buying from a quality manufacturer and feel the material for softness. Linen sheets, which work well in hot climates because they wick away body heat, are another option. Just be prepared for some ironing, unless you like the wrinkled look.

No matter what you have heard, thread count actually does matter. Thread count is often used as the barometer of a sheet’s smoothness and durability. This measurement refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. The higher thread count is the denser the weave of the material is. This is important because density equals strength. However, buying the highest thread count does not necessarily mean you have purchased the best sheet.

Read more about thread count at Linenbeauty.com

Size also matters a lot. By buying the right size bedding, you can make sure that it will not slip off your bed, get all crumbled or just simply be too small to fit it onto your bed. Take a look at this list with bed names and mattress sizes and find out what is the size of the bedding that you should buy.

Twin Sheets: 38 x 75″

Twin XL Sheets: 38 x 80″

Full (Double) Sheets: 53 x 75″

Queen Sheets: 60 x 80″

King Sheets: 78 x 80″

California King Sheets: 72 x 84″

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