Linen: the Elegant and Luxury Fabric for Your Bedding

March 30, 2015 0

Ever wondered if you know everything about linen, the amazing and durable fabric? Well, it is time you find out if everything you knew is the truth and if you know all of it. Today we are introducing linen, the elegant and luxury fabric, that is perfect your bed, bath, kitchen and even more.

Linen is the strongest of the vegetable fibres and has 2 to 3 times the strength of cotton. Not only is the linen fibre strong, it is also smooth, making the finished fabric lint free. Natural colour of linen fabric is grey, actually very different greys. This is traditional colour and it is still popular for using in clothing or home textile. Linen is also very versatile.

Although it is often confused with cotton, linen is produced from the delicate blue-flowering flax plant. Linen is gauged by both thread count and weight: a sheet, for instance, typically weighs 185 grams per square metre. These two measures, however, are not indicators of quality, the key to which lies in the production process. Perhaps linen’s greatest lure is its infinite variety, it can be knobbly or glossy, transparent or weighty. Linen fabric makes a highly absorbent bathroom towel, lightweight and very finely woven sheer linens are perfect for handkerchiefs and denser weaves make sturdy tablecloths, while a loosely woven transparent table linen is an elegant centrepiece for more formal dining. Linen’s household uses are also endless, and include lavender bags, tea towels, glass cloths, aprons, dressing gowns, bedcovers, blankets and upholstery.

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