Five Beautiful Bedlinen Sets for Every Bedroom

March 19, 2015 0

Realising the fact, that we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in bedding that’s not only comfortable, but stands the test of time. But with so many options out there — thread count, fabric make-up, patterns, solids — the decision process can be overwhelming. Today we have prepared a list of five amazing bedlinen sets that will fulfil the dreams of each and every one of you.

For the classy and elegant minimalist

You love those minimalistic bedrooms with no more than three colours? You enjoy cuddling up in your crisp and luxurious bed? The off white hemstitched linen bedlinen set from LinenMe is perfect for you. White and neutral colours will help you create and elegant and calm surroundings in your bedroom.

For the lady of the house

What could make a lady feel like a queen even when she sleeps? Of course – all the shades of red. The bed set red linen jazz from LinenMe is a great choice for every woman. High quality pure linen bedding in red and natural stripes is every girl’s dream. Soft and crisp, modern but yet still classy – this bedlinen set could decorate every bedroom.

For the youngest ones

Quality fabric and a simple design – what more could you want for your little ones to sleep in? Choosing a white and blue striped linen cotton bed set will not let you down. Your children will love the simple design with blue stripes on white background and you will sleep calm knowing that your little ones are feeling cosy in a bedlinen set made of linen and cotton mix.

For the man of the house

Soft, luxurious and yet practical. Those three little words could describe both – the perfect man and the perfect bedlinen set for him. We suggest a navy blue white jazz bedlinen set for the man of the house. Made of high quality pure linen fabric this bedding is easy to take care of and requires little or no ironing. Easy washing and maximum durability. Real horn buttons make this bedlinen set even more manly.

For the queen and king

Everybody loves a queen size and king size beds. Of course, that kind of beds require bedlinen sets made for queens and kings. LinenMe suggests choosing silver white linen piping bedlinen set for those kings and queens that enjoy sleeping in a luxurious bed set. A bed set of royal quality and design will certainly brighten up your days and make your dreams joyful.

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