February 2014

Bed Linen Production
The Process of Stone Washed Bed Linen Production
February 27, 2014 at 12:53 pm 0
Pre washed bed linen is getting more and more poplar among linen bed linen buyers these days. So let’s find out more about the washing techniques. Today let’s look closer at the stone washing process. As it was mentioned before stone washing is a washing process that includes large stones, most often pumice rock. This way thick natural fabrics like linen or denim – and products made of them line jeans and stone washed bed linen - acquire this broken-in texture, slightly worn out look to them and a slight of fade of the color. This way garments or linen bed linen become softer and nicer to the skin, acquire this shabby chic style and comfortable feel that are so appreciated by modern educated shoppers.


Bed linen fabrics, Bed Linen Production
What are Pre-Washed, Garment Washed and Stone Washed Bed Linen?
February 20, 2014 at 1:50 pm 0

Choosing bed linen could be a tricky task for those not acquainted with specific textile terms. Apart from material, sizes and item care info, one can often find terms “stone washed bed linen”, “garment washed bed linen”, “pre-washed bed linen”, “pre-shrunk bed linen” on the label or product description page.


Let’s to go through all of these terms and learn what they mean in order the decision of what type of bed linen one need would take no time and effort at all. (more…)

Bed linen fabrics, Bed Linen Production
Beauty and Comfort of Stone Washed Bed Linen
February 13, 2014 at 10:37 am 0
Stone washed bed linen is quite an often term to be found when browsing the net (or high-street shops, for that matter) for quality linen bedlinen. Stonewashing sounds intriguing and raises many questions, so let’s find our what this technology is about.

Stonewashed bed linen is a result of a textile manufacturing process that includes actual pumice, volcanic rock or synthetic man-made stones, or chemicals - usually chlorine - to produce a slightly worn-out appearance to newly manufactured fabric. The process was invented by jeans producers and mostly used on denim garments, but recently home textiles producers, especially those using pure linen fabrics, increasingly appreciate it. (more…)