How to Choose Your Linen Pillow Cases?

May 10, 2012 0

Choosing linen pillow cases does not differ much from choosing pillow cases of other fabric. Here are some simple tips that can help one to choose the most suitable pillow cases for your home. The main thing, of course, is to know your pillow sizes and decide whether you want to coordinate the patterns and colors of your pillow cases with your interior design. So, one has to consider:

linen pillow case

  • Size – know the measurements of your pillows in order to buy the right pillow cases. Most popular sizes are twin, queen, and king, but knowing exact measurements is far safer option.
  • Thread Count – this parameter (the number of threads per square inches) tells you much about the quality of your linen pillow cases (or any other pillow cases for that matter. The standard pillow cases have between 200 and 300 threads per square inch. The top most quality pillow cases (e.g. those made up of 100 percent Egyptian cotton), can have even more than 400 threads per square inch.
  • Texture and Colors – if you intend to buy some extra pillow cases for your bedding, coordinate their textures and colors with your existing bed linen. Or just buy some off-white pure linen ones – they go well with every design and color. If you are looking for decorative cushion cases to be used in your living room, consider their colors with the design of the sofa, chairs and other objects in the room.linen-cushion-cases
  • Health – when buying a pillow case that will be used for sleep, check out carefully all of its qualities that regard the health – such as breathability of the fabric, resistance to dust mites and antimicrobial effect. Without doubt, linen pillow cases will be arguably the best option.
  • Maintenance – you will probably want an easy care pillow cases that can be machine washed, dries quickly, so check out the maintenance instructions carefully.


As we spend at least one third of our lives in bed, it is important to have healthy, comfortable and beautiful bed linen. And linen bed linen is with no doubt among the best options one can obtain. Read more about benefits of pure linen bed linen.

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