Hemp Bed Linen and Its Benefits

March 21, 2012 0

Haven’t you ever thought of finding alternatives for cotton bed sheets? Whether for the purposes of trying something new, saving the planet, preventing allergies and illness, or simply feeling better and more rested, increasing number of people nowadays is searching for cotton alternatives for bed linen. With development of textile processing technologies, more alternatives become available for quality night’s sleep – bamboo and hemp bed linen being among them.

Industrial hemp is not a drug, but a non-psychoactive variety of Cannabis. Hemp fabric is actually woven out of fibers from the hemp plant. The hemp plant grows to about 20 feet high and the fibre, when stripped from the plant, is as long as the plant itself, giving hemp fiber extra strength when woven into fabric. The history of using hemp as a fabric for home textiles dates back more than 10,000 years, but is just now becoming popular in the modern world.

Hemp is naturally resistant to insects thus requiring no pesticides and its large leaves and fast growth make herbicides superfluous, it requires less water for growing. Hemp fabric and hemp bed linen have thermostatic qualities keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter and excellent moisture wicking qualities. It is also breathable.

hemp bed linen

Benefits of hemp bedding in short:

  • it is a natural breathable material,
  • hemp plant grows rapidly, needs no pesticides and only little water – it‘s the most environmentally sensible textile on the planet,
  • hemp bed sheets are warm in winter and cool in summer,
  • hemp is more absorbent than cotton.

The natural antibacterial and antiviral properties of bedding linen made from hemp fabric make it a sensible choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Hemp bed linen is renowned as strong, durable textile, and will last to give you lots of years of soft, comfortable sleep. Hemp bed linen sheets will soften with every wash and will nurture you through the night with softness and comfort. And they say – hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in making bed linen set made of hemp an investment.



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