9 Benefits of Pure Linen Bedding

February 24, 2012 2

Let me introduce you the benefits of linen bedding today, as this is the most loved fabric for bed linen. The term ‘linen’ ha evens become a generic term for all the fabrics used to make bedding linen – even synthetics like polyester. Here in this post I use the term “linen” to name the fabric made from flax fibers. To compare linen bed linen with cotton ones, you might want to read my previous post about cotton bed linen.

The reasons to adore pure linen, as the fabric choice, for bed linen – sheets and pillowcases – are because it offers several major health benefits. How can bed sheets and pillow cases be healthy? Read on.

8+1 benefits of pure linen bed linen:

  • First: Linen bedding boasts a light massaging effect because of the tiny breaks, specific to the linen fabric.
  • Second: It is antibacterial – has the ability to suppress bacteria, micro flora, and fungi. It is also not known to cause allergies.
  • Third: Relatively rough fabric surface stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation.
  • Fourth: Linen is a breathable fabric – warm in the winter and insulating and cool in the summer (no more sweaty summer nights!).

  • Fifth: Linen bed sheets are highly absorbent – absorbs superfluous moisture.
  • Sixth: Linen fabric is stronger than cotton.
  • Seventh: It is durable – can last up to 20 years (isn‘t it an investment?).
  • Eighth: Linen fabric is environmentally friendly – all the flax used to make the fabric is used in other ways (e.g. seeds are pressed to make linseed oil which is used to make paint etc). Linen is fully biodegradable. It is also a renewable resource and needs no irrigation.

  • Ninth: One more reason to love linen bedding is this incomparable feeling of luxury and quality rest when you lay your body between pure linen sheets. And this is indescribable – one must feel this by him/herself.

Pure linen bed sheets can be pricier cotton or synthetic ones but they are well worth the investment. Especially knowing the fact they‘ll last longer and will give greater comfort. If you are not sure about this purchase, my advice is to buy at least some pillowcases to experience the benefits on smaller scale first :)


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